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Help Me Prevent a Holiday Eviction

December 4, 2018

UPDATE 12-05-18: Fundraising goal has been reached! As of this writing, the campaign has $1405 in donations ($1355 after GoFundMe fees). Many thanks to all who have contributed!


I was surprised to find one of our school’s regular substitutes crying in the teachers’ lounge. I asked what had happened, and she explained that she was to be evicted from her home in 48 hours unless she could come up with her rent plus fees. Tearfully she lamented that she thought she had secured a loan but that her plans had just fallen though and that she was being brought to court on December 6th to be formally evicted.

Homeless for the holidays.

As I listened, I realized that the brief window to assist her did not allow for a GoFundMe campaign, so I decided reverse the order of things– to front the money and conduct the campaign afterward.

I did not tell this dear lady my full plan. She only knows that I loaned her $1347 to secure another month in her residence, which gives her time to seek more affordable housing.

What I also realized from speaking with her is that she would be hard-pressed to reimburse this money– that she is on the edge of being overwhelmed with debt. I want to help keep her from slipping off of that edge. In order to give her this gift of a month’s rent plus accrued late fees, I need your help. So, I have started a fundraising campaign on her behalf: $1397 ($1347 plus $50 for GoFundMe fees). Any money raised in excess of the campaign goal I will give to her to further relieve her financial stress.

Click here to view campaign.

Thank you for your help.



One Comment
  1. dolphin permalink

    God Bless you for this. No one would help me keep from losing my home.

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