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Oregon Teachers Plan “Day of Action” for May 8th; Four Districts Already to Close That Day

April 21, 2019

On April 04, 2019, the Oregon Education Association (OEA) announced a “day of action” scheduled for May 08, 2019:

Educators across the state are coming together to advocate for students and fully funding our schools on May 8th. We’re walking out, rallying, and calling on lawmakers to INVEST in schools. Contact your local union, PTA, or email OEA – to get involved.

Rallies are planned for the cities of Portland, Salem Eugene, and Medford.

Schools in Eugene and Portland are already planning to close due to staffing shortages, including Eugene’s 4J and Bethel school districts and Portland Public Schools and Portland’s North Clackamas school district.

Some auxiliary services may still be available for May 08, 2019, in some districts, including providing free lunch at some Eugene 4J school sites as well as coordinating child care options.

According to KVAL-TV, May 08, 2019, will be an unpaid day for Eugene’s 4J school district teachers, and students will not be required to make up for the missed day. Portland Public Schools has already determined that students will have to make up the missed day. Meanwhile, in Portland’s North Clackamas school district, the school board has yet to determine whether to extend the school year by one day to make up for the May 08, 2019, closure, a decision the North Clackamas board will address in its April 25, 2019, meeting. North Clackamas will also address what auxiliary services it will offer on May 08, 2019.

According to KPIC-TV, administration and maintenance personnel will still report for work at Eugene’s Bethel school district.

As one can tell, the story of specific Oregon school closures, make-up days, and auxiliary services offered on May 08, 2019, is still developing.



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