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Calling All Teachers: Please Complete This National Teacher Survey

June 29, 2020

Kate Phillippo is an associate professor in social work at Loyola University in Chicago. In 2019, I reviewed her excellent book about competitive school choice in Chicago, A Contest Without Winners.

During this time of coronavirus and massive protest, Dr. Phillippo and her colleagues have created a national teacher survey, which she describes as follows:

A group of colleagues and I are launching, today, an online survey of PK-12 teachers, to learn how they are navigating their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic and the resistance to racial injustice that has intensified since George Floyd was killed.

We know that many PK-12 students have experienced trauma, disruption, distress, loss and challenging circumstances in these unprecedented times. We hope to learn how teachers have been able to respond to students’ wellness concerns (mental health, health, safety, family and academic), and how teachers themselves are doing during these unprecedented times.

Our goal is to use this information to help inform teacher preparation, education and support efforts, along with policy that pertains to teachers and mental health. We also hope to showcase all the critical work teachers have done during this unprecedented time.

Dr. Phillippo asked me to share the survey with fellow teachers nationally, which I am happy to do.

If you taught full time in 2019-20 in the United States, any grade levels ranging from pre-K to twelfth, please consider completing the survey. I just did so in about 15 minutes.

My thanks to Dr. Phillippo and her colleagues for seeking teacher input during this unprecedented time.



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  1. Tim permalink

    Total over reaction by federal and state governments.

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