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After the Storm: Ice, Ice, Baby.

September 5, 2021

Today marked a week since Hurricane Ida made landfall in southern Louisiana.

Still no power for my neighborhood. However, there have been power trucks on my street. It’s just so much destruction. Huge trees entangled in power lines. Numerous lines draping across streets. That noted, progress is obvious. Electrical lines, poles, and transformers are being replaced and repaired. Power is being restored. Lines at gas stations are much more manageable since fewer homes are on generators and since more filling stations are in operation.

Ice is still a scarce commodity, but I have struck paydirt on that front; my neighbor works for a utility company, and that company is having ice brought in from Alabama an 18-wheeler at a time.

I had to empty both of my freezers. Had the power been out for a few days, no problem. (I froze containers of water in preparation for the storm, but this method is best suited to a day or two.) I turned my small freezer into a cozy fridge for that which is easily perishable (milk, yogurt, cold cuts). The actual refrigerators I use for that which need not be kept so cold, including what is cold by preference. Now that I have an abundance of ice, the division is less critical.

I have learned that bagged ice can create quite the mess if it leaks as it melts. So, ice bags are set inside of pans. Even if the bags do not leak, the condensation can create a minor mess, so I have towels handy in front of the fridge and even inside under some pans.

The lessons we learn.

The first frozen items to go bad were two containers of peeled shrimp from my mother’s house. The lids came loose, and boy, what a rancid smell. I had a time ridding the house of the stench, and I did not want the rotting seafood in my garbage can (which would hold said stench), so I tied it up in plastic bags and set it further back on my property (I have just over an acre).

When I went to retrieve it to place it near my garbage pickup location, I discovered it missing, bag and all. I suppose some raccoon thought it a real prize and carried it away.

One of the greatest inconveniences in the aftermath of a major hurricane concerns temperature control: The house and fridge are hot; dinner and the shower are cold, and beverages are lukewarm.

But today, my friends, today, I have lots of ice, ice, baby. 😉

  1. Christine Langhoff permalink

    Glad to see your sense of humor is intact, Mercedes. Sending positive energy your way.

  2. Mary Ellen Redmond permalink

    Happy to hear that slowly, but surely, things are improving. Hang tight.

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